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People often mistakenly believe that declawing their cats is a harmless "quick fix" for unwanted scratching. They don't realize that declawing can make a cat less likely to use the litter box or more likely to bite. Declawing also can cause lasting physical problems for your cat.
Without going into the painful details, what we call 'declawing' is the painful process of amputating the last bone of each toe, similar to cutting off the last knuckle of each finger.
Please consider another option for your cat and prevent the years of discomfort and possible medical issues it can create. To encourage all cat owners to start using these paw caps, we're taking 50% off the price!
If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to us!
  • Humane and comfortable for your cats
  • Protects your furniture and prevents painful scratches
  • Kitty Claw Care
  • Green, Red, Pink, Orange, Lemon Yellow
  • Comes with 20 pieces!!

How to:

1: Trim the tip of your pet's nails. Trim just enough to allow the nail cap to fit all the way to the base of the nail. FOR KITTENS: Do not trim kittens' claws before applying Soft Paws. You will need sufficient claw surface for the glue to adhere properly.
2: Fill nail caps 1/3 full with adhesive.
3: Extend nails by gently pressing thumb on top with index finger on bottom of paw -- slide nail caps onto nail.
4: Observe pet for five minutes before release. You can play with your pet or feed some of pet's favorite food to distract for a few minutes.

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