Fairy Cat Walking Harness

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Just like dogs become experts, cats can learn to walk with a leash. As the weather becomes beautiful, give your cats some fresh air and a chance to get their little legs moving!
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Train your cat for a leash in 5 easy steps!
1. The right equipment
Never use a collar with a cat. This can cause choking and is very uncomfortable. You should adjust your harness size so that you can slide two fingers in between their fur and the harness.
2. Learn the harness
Do not attempt to put the harness on as soon as it arrives. Instead, leave it by your cats food or favorite sleeping place. Whenever your cat approaches or sniffs the collar, reward the behavior with treats or praise.
3. Practice with the harness
Now it's time to practice how it feels to wear a harness. This is not when you're ready for the walk. As soon as your put the leash on your cat, you want to immediately distract them with their favorite activity or giving a treat so that they associate the harness with happy activities. Start with short periods of time and gradually increase as they become more comfortable. Repeat this step for several days.  
4. Add the leash
Start by walking your cat in a room that they consider to be safe. You should also start by letting them decide where they want to go, making sure they feel what it's like to be constantly connected to their person. As they get used to the feeling, generally add tension to the leash, guiding them where you want them to go. 
5. Explore!
Not only will they look adorable in this harness, now they're ready to explore the great outdoors, to get some fresh air, exercise, and quality bonding time with their person.